Sand diver

The New Zealand sand diver, Tewara cranwellae, is a sandburrower, the only species in the genus Tewara, found all around New Zealand to depths of about 5 m, on sandy or gravelly bottoms.

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The Sand diver lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 0 - 5 m environment.

* long-finned sand diver, Limnichthys polyactis * New Zealand sand diver, Tewara cranwellae * Synodus intermedius (sand diver), a fish of the genus Synodus Other uses: * MV Sand Diver, formerly Empire Farrier, an More

that sand divers are another of the many hermaphroditic fish families that are associated with coral reefs. Many thanks Eugene, for sharing your WOW! PHOTO. More

Sand Diver (Synodus intermedius) on the ocean floor in Boynton Beach, Florida. Focus is on teeth detail. More

Summary: Sand Diver fish can often be identified by a dark spot on the gill cover of the fish. Learn to identify sand diver fish with tips from a Caribbean scuba instructor in this free tropical fish identification video. More

The Filamented Sand Eel, or Spotted Sand Diver, has a long, tubular body with wide vertical brownish-orange bands and pale blue dots horizontally down the mid-line. The first three spines of the dorsal fin are elongated, giving the Filamented Sand Eel its name. More

Sand Divers are named for their amazing ability to dive and burrow through the substrate. They have very pointed snouts and slender bodies that allow them to slither in the sand in search of prey. More

The Sand Diver has pretty good camoflage. More

Common names

Sand diver in English

Order : Perciformes
Family : Creediidae
Genus : Tewara
Species : Tewara cranwellae
Authority : Griffin, 1933