Tilapia buttikoferi

Tilapia buttikoferi are typically yellow or white with black stripes which can vary from very light to near black depending on the mood of the fish.

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The Tilapia buttikoferi lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater, pH range: 6.5 - 7.0, dH range: 15 environment.

black-and-white-barred Tilapia buttikoferi would probably have gained it that name. But whereas the relatively diminutive Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum was "convicted" only of assault and battery, its monstrous cousin from African rivers is strictly big league. More

Tilapia buttikoferi (Also known as Zebra Tilapia) are a large African tilapiine cichlid fish that can be found mainly in West Africa, specifically Liberia. They are freshwater fish that tend to live in rivers and streams. More

You can usually obtain Tilapia buttikoferi for about $6-7 each. - Privacy Statement | Terms of Use | Sitemap | Fish Articles | AboutFishOnline Home Copyright More

I have 3 Tilapia buttikoferis that are 8, 20, and 25 cm in size. They are pretty aggressive, but not as much as Red Devils, Managuenses, Doviis, or Trimacs. Not from my experience anyways. They don't need a high pH like other african cichlids. More

Tilapia buttikoferi came from West Africa originally - mainly Liberia. All bred locally now. One spawn will supply an entire city. We’ve never bred them ourselves or known anyone that wanted to. We found one store in Kansas City retailing them for $2. More

Tilapia buttikoferi is a large and popular Cichlid. It comes from West Africa and is one of the largest of all African Cichlids. More

Tilapia buttikoferi is a large robust cichlid. It is a biparental substrate spawner and maintains large territories. Tilapia buttikoferi prefers a herbivorous diet. Minimum tank size should be no less then 125 gallons. More

Tilapia buttikoferi in the aquarium of Anton Lamboj. Photo by Anton Lamboj. determiner Anton Lamboj. Tilapia buttikoferi (Hubrecht, 1881) - Curator: Anton Lamboj. More

the species, as Tilapia buttikoferi can be easily kept with Lake Malawi species in a community tank. It is omnivorous, relishing most prepared and frozen foods along with a variety of green plant matter such as nori, lettuce or zucchini. More

Sign In or Sign Up now! Tilapia buttikoferi caught in Hong Kong reservoir and keep in my fish tank. Tilapia buttikoferi caught in Hong Kong reservoir and keep in my fish tank. Category: Pets & Animals Tags: Tilapia buttikoferi Zebra Cichlid 九間 熱帶魚 URL Embed Customize Loading... More

Common names

Hornet tilapia in Danish (dansk)
Seepratilapia in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Tilapia buttikoferi in Catalan (Català)
Zebratilapie in German (Deutsch)
ปลาหมอบัตเตอร์ in Thai (ไทย)
布氏非鯽 in Mandarin Chinese
布氏非鲫 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Tilapia
Species : Tilapia buttikoferi
Authority : Hubrecht, 1881