Blackchin tilapia

* Blackchin tilapia, Sarotherodon melanotheron melanotheron Rüppell, 1852 * Sarotherodon melanotheron nigripinnis (Guichenot, 1861) * Sarotherodon melanotheron paludinosus Trewavas, 1983 More

Factors Influencing the Distribution of Blackchin Tilapia Sarotherodon melanotheron (Osteichthys: Cichlidae) in the Indian River System, Floryda. Northeast Gulf Science vol.12, 2: 111-117. 1992 Jones Paul S. Notes on breeding this colourful Tilapia species. AM Jorgensen leif. More

Blackchin Tilapia (Tilapia melanotheron = Sarotherodon melanotheron). This species is native to river-delta lagoons from middle Liberia to southern Cameroon (Thys van den Audenaerde 1971). More

tilapia and blackchin tilapia, Sarotherodon melanotheron, by commercial fishermen. Reproduction: Female Oreochromis mossambicus mature at approximately 150-160 mm, and males mature at approximately 170-180 mm (Hodgkiss and Man 1978, Arthington and Milton 1986). More

The non-native blackchin tilapia, Sarotherodon melanotheron. Photo courtesy USGS. More

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Common names

Cichlid in English
Didee in Irish (Gaeilge)
Dzefokpa in Ewe (Ɛʋɛgbɛ)
Kedipa in Aizi
Kpro ouffou in Adioukrou
Mango fish in English
Obrofou in Aizi
senegal cichlid in English
塞內加爾非鯽 in Mandarin Chinese
塞内加尔非鲫 in Mandarin Chinese
沼泽帚齿非鲫 in Mandarin Chinese
沼澤帚齒非鯽 in Mandarin Chinese
霍氏帚齒非鯽 in Mandarin Chinese
霍氏帚齿非鲫 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Sarotherodon
Species : Sarotherodon melanotheron melanotheron
Authority : R