Paretroplus polyactis

The Paretroplus polyactis lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

Conservation: Paretroplus polyactis is evaluated by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as (VU) Vulnerable (2004). More

A subadult Paretroplus polyactis from the eastern versant of Madagascar. Photo by Paul V. Loiselle. Paretroplus dami An adult male Paretroplus dami in the aquarium, the bicolor damba. Photo by Paul V. Loiselle. More

Paretroplus polyactis on Fish Mapper TSN 649218 (Taxonomic Serial Number) Retrieved on from the Integrated Taxonomic Information System online database. This is a cached copy. More

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pair of Paretroplus polyactis' but we've never found them yet. You just never see these fish in the stores. "We found a Paratilapia 'small spot' in a tank of Kribensis, and we bought that. More

Common names

Paretroplus polyactis in Catalan (Català)
Punasaariahven in Finnish (suomen kieli)
多線副熱鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
多线副热鲷 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Paretroplus
Species : Paretroplus polyactis
Authority : Bleeker, 1878