Otopharynx pachycheilus

It is endemic to Malawi.

The Otopharynx pachycheilus lives in the demersal, freshwater, depth range 125 - 135 m environment.

Otopharynx pachycheilus (`rubberlip`), a new species of three-spot hap; photos by Matt Arnegard, used by permission Above: Three preserved specimens of Otopharynx sp. "rubber lips," now formally named Otopharynx pachycheilus. More

Conservation: Otopharynx pachycheilus is evaluated by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as (VU) Vulnerable (2006). More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Otopharynx
Species : Otopharynx pachycheilus
Authority : Arnegard & Snoeks, 2001