Kenyi cichlid

Maylandia lombardoi, is a 13 cm freshwater fish from the family Cichlidae.

The Kenyi cichlid lives in the demersal, freshwater, pH range: 8.0, dH range: 10 - 20, depth range 6 - 30 m environment.

Though the Kenyi Cichlid holds its own in a larger aquarium of mixed Mbunas, it is not a community tank specimen with fish other than cichlids. They are very aggressive, even 2 inch juveniles have the desire and power to devastate feeder guppies. More

The Kenyi Cichlid, Metriaclima lombardoi, is an aggressive medium sized cichlid that originates from the rocky shores of Lake Malawi in Africa. The female is blue with black bars and the male turns to a yellow color as it matures. More

Kenyi cichlid ( common name ) let's test your knowledge! Pseudotropheus lombardoi ( fish name )slovensky , français Share pictures of your fish! Upload them now! * Maximum size in aquariums (min-max): 13 - 16 cm ( More

Kenyi Cichlids prefer a rocky environment with plenty of caves and places to hide. The best substrate material is sand, but small gravel may also be used. Minimum tanks size – 50 gallons. More

This is Kenny the Kenyi cichlid when he was just a young lad! Ranked #990 out of 5952 freshwater fish worldwide Scientific Name:Pseudotropheus Lombardoi Popular Name:Kenyi Cichlid Ratings:5. More

Can't tell if my kenyi cichlid is preg or full from bloodworms.? = I put 2 cubes in my 75 gallon tank and while feeding I noticed my kenyi (bout 1.5 inch long) is very round. More

I have a Pseudotropheus Kenyi cichlid that is carrying eggs? = i moved her to another tank today i think she mated around 10 or 12 days ago. More

I have full grown adult kenyi cichlid that I cant keep anymore, Its a real stunner, I had it in a 400 liter mbuna tank but it became just to aggressive forcing all other fish to one side of the tank , I now have it in a 200 More

Common names

Keltamalawinahven in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Kenyi cichlid in English
Mbuna in Nyanja
Mbuna in Tonga (faka Tonga)
Pseudotropheus lombardoi in Catalan (Català)
Pseudotropheus lombardoi in Italian (Italiano)
黃色擬麗魚 in Mandarin Chinese
黄色拟丽鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Maylandia
Species : Maylandia lombardoi
Authority : Burgess, 1977