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The Mojarra lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater, brackish, pH range: 7.5 environment.

Short fin mojarra; Yellow fin mojarra; Indian short-finned eel; Australian short-finned eel; Short-finned pilot whale; Mojarra; Longfin mojarra; Periche mojarra; Brazilian mojarra; Jenny mojarra; Mottled mojarra; Bigeye mojarra; Striped mojarra; Caitipa mojarra; Common mojarra; Flagfin mojarra; Golden mojarra; Irish mojarra; Silver More

mojarra is caught from South America north to New Jersey and California. The common mojarra is Eucinostomus argenteus of the mojarra family, Gerreidae. More

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Left side image of La Mojarra Stela 1, showing a person identified as "Harvester Mountain Lord". More

The mojarras are a family, Gerreidae, of fishes in the order Perciformes. Mojarras are a common prey and bait fish in many parts of the Caribbean including the South American Coast and Caribbean islands. More

Mojarra use on the JSF EG - Posted by edburns on December 11, 2008 at 8:49 AM PST As I mention in every introductory JSF talk I give, Sun’s Mojarra is the most popular implementation of JSF. More

Mojarras are classified in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, class Osteichthyes, order Perciformes, family Gerridae. More

* silver jenny, Eucinostomus gula — silvery mojarra found along sandy shores of the western Atlantic - ... More

'Cichlasoma' bocourti is known as the golden mojarra and was the reason we were here. Ross was making his fourth try in eleven years to get this fish. The golden mojarra is a very attractive fish. More

* mojarra at HighBeam ResearchPremium information, facts, and biographies * mojarra on Wikipedia Fetching requested content. Please wait... Loading... More

Mojarra is FCS! After years of effort, I'm delighted to echo Ryan Lubke's announcement that Mojarra 2. More

mojarra can be found at Click here to start your free trial! Click here to search for another word in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. More

Mojarra Family Species Information for Fish Caught in Mexico See current, on-the-spot sportfishing reports and photographs of fish caught at Mexico's top vacation spots in this week's edition of "Mexico Fishing News" and see hundreds of other fish pictures and species information More

Pacific Flagfin Mojarra, Flagfin Mojarra Palmito Bandera, Mojarra Bandera (Eucinostomus currani) Fish Identification Photos: Pacific Flagfin Mojarra, Flagfin Mojarra, Eucinostomus currani: The Pacific Flagfin Mojarra is characterized by its elongated oval body, silvery-white appearance, pointed snout, and More

Mojarra Scales is a new JSF component library that started out in the JSF RI Sandbox. Currently, Scales offers a number of components which, primarily, wrap some of the excellent Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) JavaScript widgets. More

Common names

Chairel cichlid in English
Mojarra in English
Mojarra in Spanish (español)
Mojarra de Chairel in Spanish (español)
Punktierter Buntbarsch in German (Deutsch)
Suistokirjoahven in Finnish (suomen kieli)
全斑丽体鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
全斑麗體魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Herichthys
Species : Herichthys pantostictus
Authority : Taylor & Miller, 1983