Platytaeniodus degeni

Platytaeniodus degeni male in the aquarium of Greg Steeves, Canyon Lake . Photo by Anton Lamboj. determiner Greg Steeves. Platytaeniodus degeni Boulenger, 1906 - Curator: Greg Steeves. Last updated on 06-Aug-2008. More

* Référence ITIS : Platytaeniodus degeni Boulenger, 1906 (fr) (+version (en)) * Référence NCBI : Platytaeniodus degeni (en) * Référence IUCN : espèce Platytaeniodus degeni Boulenger, 1906 (en) * Portail de la zoologie Portail de More

Platytaeniodus degeni was said to have a wide distribution throughout Lake Victoria before the up serge of Lates niloticus. One cannot help but consider the possibility that the red tail sheller be a locale variant of P. degeni. More

möchte ich meine Gruppe Platytaeniodus degeni etwas verkleinern. Die Tiere stammen von der Uni Leiden und sind ca. 7-8 cm groß. Ich würde etwa 10 bis 15 Tiere abgeben. Herzliche Grüße Thomas Dateianhänge: jpg degeni_51bc. More

Platytaeniodus degeni See Haplochromis degeni - Copyright More

Platytaeniodus degeni in body shape. As the name would suggest (sheller) it is a snail crusher that feeds on mollusks. They live in the sandy bottom areas of the Lake. I have 2 males and 5 females. More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Haplochromis
Species : Haplochromis macrops
Authority : Boulenger, 1906