Pike cichlid

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The Pike cichlid lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

The long slender Two-Spot Pike Cichlid is a favorite, cichlid enthusiasts exclaim that "they are honestly the coolest looking fish"! The Two-Spot Pike Cichlid comes from a family called Pike Cichlids that are varied in coloring and size. More

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Pike cichlids are predatory, vigorous fish that can be found all over much of the South American continent in over 50 species. More

Pike Cichlids are fascinating South American fishes best left to cichlid specialists. Many get quite large and extremely predatory and, because it is difficult to differentiate between the species, it is often impossible to know what you are getting. More

Physical description: The Dwarf Pike Cichlid has a typical Pike Cichlid body shape. The back is mushroom brown to muddy yellow and the belly is whitish-brown. The eyes are large and dark red in color. More

All species of Pike Cichlids have an elongated body and a tapered head with a wide protruding mouth. Larger specimens can grow as long as 24 inches. The dwarf species are usually no longer than three to four inches. More

Pike Cichlids are some of the most intense and interesting fish one can own! They tend to get along very well even with the most aggressive Cichlids. The only warning I have is that they can get very aggressive towards their own kind. More

The Pike cichlid is a preditory fish from South America. The powerfully built, torpedo-shaped body is blue-grey in colour with a speckling of silver-white spots on the top. More

Dwarf pike cichlids have gotten quite a bad reputation and many aquarists believe that these fishes are extremely sensitive and exceptionally aggressive creatures that will devour any other fish in the aquarium while simultaneously being impossible to feed. More

Being predators, pike cichlids prefer a diet of live fish and crustaceans but this is often not possible in captivity, where frozen and prepared foods may have to suffice. This article illustrates some of my experiences with feeding these fish. More

Pike cichlids of the genus Crenicichla make very interesting and challenging aquarium residents. The following article is a brief introduction to this genus of South American cichlids. More

Marbled Pike Cichlid, Crenicichla marmorata Pellegrin 1904, The. - Wayne Leibel, 2003 by Wayne Leibel, 1992. More

In•Print View PIKE Cichlid? Posted by: Landon ()Date: February 12, 2008 05:23AM Just got a pike chiclid, its about 3 inches long, with a about 35 other africans and plecos. More

The Orange Pike Cichlid is a vibrantly colored example of South American Pike Cichlids. With its sleek, elongated body shape and tapered head, the Orange Pike Cichlid resembles pike fish more than conventional cichlids. More

Pike Cichlid 14 Day Guarantee Live Shipping Information Pike Cichlid = Scientific Name: Creninichla saxatilis Recommended Aquarium:75+ Gallons Approx. More

Compress(us) (Dwarf) Pike Cichlid, Yellow Fin (Dwarf) Pike Cichlid, Banded (Dwarf) Pike Cichlid Scientific Name: Crenicichla compressiceps (Ploeg, 1986) Range: South America: lower Rio Tocantins, Par More

The Ring-tailed Pike Cichlid is a large and attractive species found in creeks and rivers of South America. They are sometimes referred to as spangled pikes. More

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Common names

Cabeza amarga in Spanish (español)
Pike cichlid in English
司各脫氏矛麗魚 in Mandarin Chinese
司各脱氏矛丽鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Crenicichla
Species : Crenicichla scottii
Authority : Eigenmann, 1907