Banded tilapia

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Tilapia, Banded Tilapia and Catfish - all of which are hardy and have good tolerances regarding pH and salinity levels. The fish are fed on insects attracted to lights that are suspended a few feet above the water. More

The banded tilapia is also known as Sparrman's tilapia. It is a much smaller fish than the Mozambique tilapia, or the redbreast tilapia, and this species offers anglers little sport. It is an attractive fish, especially during the breeding months, from November to March. More

tilapia, the difference being that the banded tilapia has 8 or 9 vertical stripes, while the redbreast tilapia has 5 or 6 vertical stripes, and a red throat and belly. Habitat: Redbreast tilapia can be found in perennial rivers, lakes and in quiet pools. More

Most of the fish are the Banded Tilapia which act as the base food stock for the larger predator fish. More

The Banded Tilapia is one of many species of Kurper that occur in our freshwater systems. The Banded Tilapia is commonly referred to as the Vlei Kurper in South Africa. More

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Tilapia
Species : Chromis ovalis
Authority : Smith, 1840