Apistogramma eremnopyge

This is a small cichlid, 26-35 mm standard length which can be easily distinguished from its congeners by the presence of a prominent dark blotch on the lower part of the caudal peduncle in both sexes.

The Apistogramma eremnopyge lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Apistogramma eremnopyge is a species of cichlid. It is presently only known from the Rio Pintuyacu, a tributary of the Rio Itaya near Iquitos, Peru. More

Apistogramma eremnopyge is a relatively slender-bodied species with pronounced sexual dichromatism. Only one male 34.4 mm, and four females (largest 28.2 mm SL) were measured. More

Apistogramma eremnopyge male in the aquarium of Jeff Trites. Photo by Jeff Trites. determiner Mike Wise. Apistogramma eremnopyge Ready & Kullander, 2004 - Curator: Mike Wise. Last updated on 16-Nov-2007. More

The new dwarf cichlid, named Apistogramma eremnopyge, was described by Jonathan Ready and Sven Kullander of the Swedish Museum of Natural History in the ichthyological journal Zootaxa. The holotype was discovered by well-known fish hunter and wholesaler Oliver Lucanus. More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Apistogramma
Species : Apistogramma eremnopyge
Authority : Ready & Kullander 2004