Yellowfin snook

The Yellowfin snook lives in the pelagic-neritic, brackish, marine environment.

Yellowfin Snook; Yellow-fin snook Links * Higher taxa: Life Vertebrata Fish Centropomidae Centropomus Global map * IDnature guides: Fish, SFTEP More

Yellowfin snook; White snook; Fat snook; Guianan snook; Armed snook; Black snook; Swordspine snook; Union snook; Mexican snook; Total Images : 22 Page No. More

Yellowfin snook; Snook; Mexican snook; Union snook; Swordspine snook; Black snook; Armed snook; Guianan snook; Fat snook; White snook; Common snook; Yellowfin fringehead; Yellowfin dottyback; Yellowfin seabream; Yellowfin bream; Yellowfin goatfish; Yellowfin damsel; Yellowfin jack; Yellowfin shiner; Yellowfin angelfish; Yellowfin More

the yellowfin snook Centropomus robalito (Osteichthyes) in southern Mexico. Folia parasitologica 2007;54(3):215-9. More

Collateral Fly Fishing Quarry - Blackfin Snook, Yellowfin Snook, Union Snook, Fat Snook, Pacific Mangrove Snappers, juvenile Cubera Snappers, Corvina, various Jack species and Machaca. More

yellowfin snook Centropomus robalito (Osteichthyes)in southern Mexico František Moravec, Ana María Santana-Piñeros, David González-Solís, Ana María Torres-Huerta Folia Parasitologica 54 215-219 (2007) A new nematode species, Spirophilometra pacifica sp. n. More

snook, yellowfin snook, Mexican jackfish, red snapper and sole. The locals offer boat rentals and guided fishing outings. More

Common names

Conguito blanco in Spanish (español)
constantino in Spanish (español)
constantino in Unknown
Crossie aîle jaune in French (français)
Gulfinnet snook in Danish (dansk)
Little snook in English
Robalito in sp
Robalito in Spanish (español)
Robalito de aleta dorada in Spanish (español)
Róbalo in sp
Róbalo in Spanish (español)
Róbalo aleta amarilla in Spanish (español)
Róbalo aliamarillo in Spanish (español)
Róbalo de aleta amarilla in Spanish (español)
Snook in English
Yellowfin snook in English
罗巴锯盖鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
罗巴锯盖鱼 in Unknown
羅巴鋸蓋魚 in Mandarin Chinese
羅巴鋸蓋魚 in Unknown

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Centropomidae
Genus : Centropomus
Species : Centropomus robalito
Authority : Jordan & Gilbert, 1882