Samson fish

The samson fish is a jack of the genus Seriola.

The Samson fish lives in the pelagic-neritic, brackish, marine environment.

The samson fish (Seriola hippos) is a jack of the genus Seriola. It is found in the Indo-Pacific Oceans to eastern Northland in New Zealand. Its length is between 80 and 150 cm. More

SAMSON FISH are frequently frowned upon by anglers who catch them by accident when chasing tastier targets such as dhufish and snapper. Charter boat crews are frequently frustrated by samson fish tangling up multiple lines while being retrieved. More

coastline where Samson fish aggregate in large numbers to spawn during summer. More

Juvenile Samson fish in particular of excellent eating qualitiesImage Gallery Recommended Reading for Samson Fish - Australian Fishing Australian FishingWe've got Australia Covered A must have companiion to take on every fishing trip; this book covers More

The Samson Fish is also known as sea kingies, Sambo, Samson and sea kingfish. More

Samson fish, hoodlum kingfish, enigmatic mako sharks and of course the ballistic bluefin tuna and you have a veritable smorgasbord of piscatorial delights out there. More

samson fishall » Perth 2007 #74 - Felix landing samson fish« Download video - iPod/PSPDownload is starting. Save file to your computer. If the download does not start automatically, right-click this link and choose "Save As". How to get videos onto the iPod or PSP. More

Australia I managed to take a half decent Samson Fish and my son and dive partner was there with the camera. The killing method shown is more humane an... More

We've been fishing the Samson fish with your Smart Shift SST8 reels on 50# tackle. Those fish are typically 20 - 30 kg, and better than 99% are released, though we had one last week that just wouldn't swim away. More

SAMSON fish and tuna are providing plenty of action offshore this week, with tailor and herring biting along metropolitan beaches. Metropolitan Duncan Brown, of Duncraig, has highlighted heaps of action for offshore anglers, especially those who are prepared to travel. More

Samson fish are the first species examined in a broader study, funded by the Australian Government More

years ago that it was discovered that samson fish reside in these west coast waters. Since starting up the charter business over two years ago, however, they have began racking up some impressive figures on the sambos. More

namesake, samson fish don't give up easily - and that's the attraction. ALLAN BEVAN: There really is nothing like having your arms literally almost pulled out of their sockets. More

Samson fish are not normally found in NZ but may arrive here during warm summers. They are big fish, flatter than the kingfish but longer and higher. They are seen in small schools, sometimes inside harbours. More

proven against the biggest of samson fish in the west and tuna in the south. Now there is a range of Bigboss jigging and surf rods to suit the reels. More

Common names

Abrolhos kingfish in English
kingfish in English
Kingy in English
Sambo in English
Samson in English
Samson fish in English
samson-fish in English
samson-fish in Unknown
Samsonfish in English
Samsonfisk in Danish (dansk)
Sea kingfish in English
Sériole australienne in French (français)
馬鰤 in Mandarin Chinese
马鰤 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Carangidae
Genus : Seriola
Species : Seriola hippos
Authority : G