Indian scad

Indian Scad - Decapterus russelli - Wreck of the Scottish Prince ID: 4620 Common Name: Indian Scad Scientific Name: Decapterus russelli Kingdom: Animalia - Animals More

Decapterus russelli, the Indian scad (Figure 18), is a small pelagic species occuring along the whole Oman coast, with highest concentrations from Ras al Hadd to Masirah Island and at Masirah and Sauquara banks. The sized in the samples ranged from 6.5 to 30cm. More

and history of the Indian scad mackerel, Decapterus russelli, in the Indo-Malay archipelago were investigated using the cytochrome b gene sequence as mitochondrial marker and two length-polymorphic introns as nuclear markers. The existence of two major mitochondrial lineages separated by 2. More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Carangidae
Genus : Decapterus
Species : Decapterus tabl
Authority : R