SCAD recently added a program in sound design, offering concentration in music production or audio for image. The School of Communication Arts includes graphic design, advertising design, illustration, photography and sequential art. More

SCAD enzyme within cells. Without sufficient amounts of this enzyme, short-chain fatty acids are not metabolized properly. More

, a few SCAD students in the elevator have their eyes glued to machines the size of a deck of cards, with screens displaying tiny text. The students’ thumbs move at feverish speeds, scrolling through tweets or updating their statuses. More

SCAD radio at 11a.m. Commentators John Lowe and Len Cripe discuss the latest SCAD news, national art and design events, speak with special guests, and address your concerns by responding to your questions. More

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Skipton and Craven Action for Disability (Known as Scad ) is open to all people with disabilities in the Craven area. More

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interaction between SCAD students and luminaries in their fields. Lectures, workshops and field trips allow students to connect with professionals who share insight and critique student work. Off-campus programs—SCAD off-campus programs enhance the total educational experience. More

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SCAD initiated formation of a Youth Anti Drug Movement in Georgia Print Version Youth Anti Drug Movement In 2003 a group of SCAD’s volunteers-psychologists under the supervision of SCAD National Focal Point on Drug Information has More

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Within the Component 4 of SCAD-V Programme (Prevention of Drug Use in Schools and via Mass Media), Dr. Artur Potosyan, SCAD local expert on Drug Prevention conducted a 2-day national training for mass media and NGO representatives in May 22-23,… ... More

General BaseballFive SCAD players will play in the annual all-star event in Daytona Beach, Fla. Patrick Braswell Brice Schlosser General Baseball Sea Lions sweep doubleheader from the Bees1.30. More

SCAD gives a lucky few a chance for a forever home and a better life. More

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Established in 2002, SCAD (previously Soi Dog Rescue*) is a not-for-profit organisation with realistic goals: to reduce the number and improve the lives of Bangkok’s strays and, in so doing, create a happier and healthier environment for all to enjoy. More

· SCAD alumna goes from cartoons to cake · Cormac McCarthy’s vision hits theaters · MC: Music in College · District art challenge · Director Rob Marshall takes us from “Chicago” to Rome in “Nine” Editorial - · Earthquake shows America’s true colors · More

SCAD is an Institution of higher education for employment, workforce development, Rural Development and lifelong learning through partnerships with business, industry and community, maintaining high quality and standard for the institution and its programs. More

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SCAD supports equal access to a comprehensive coordinated system of services and encourage all Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people to achieve their maximum potential through increased independence, productivity, and integration into the community. More

Thanks, Ronald! SCADshorts has been discontinued by SCAD, but you can check out more work from students at More

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