Common stinkfish

The Common stinkfish lives in the demersal, marine, depth range - 100 m environment.

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Common Stinkfish (Foetorepus calauropormus) in Rapid Bay, South Australia · Date: Mon July 7, 2003 · Reference ID: /1313YP0113 · Views: 685 · Additional Info Keywords: Common Stinkfish - Foetorepus More

Common Stinkfish, Spotted Stinkfish - American League of People Who Only Bathe on Saints’ Days Whose Names, the Saints that is and not the People, Begin with the Letter "Q" Chinaman Leatherjacket - American League of People Who are Opposed to the Name More

Common names

Common stinkfish in English
mottled dragonet in English
Stinkfisch in German (Deutsch)

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Callionymidae
Genus : Foetorepus
Species : Foetorepus calauropomus
Authority : Richardson, 1844