Dragonets are small perciform marine fish of the diverse family Callionymidae (from the Greek kallis, "beautiful" and onyma, "name"). Found mainly in the tropical waters of the western Indo-Pacific, the family contains approximately 186 species in 18 genera. More

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USS Dragonet (SS-293), a Balao-class submarine, was a ship of the United States Navy named for the dragonet, a family of fishes found in the warm seas of the world. Dragonet (SS-293) was launched 18 April 1943 by Cramp Shipbuilding Co., Philadelphia, Pa. More

Dragonets are agressive creatures which are found on Tatooine. Usually, a Dragonet doesn't wander too far from its lair. Furthermore, they have a large credit reward for anyone who is able to destroy a Dragonet lair. More

dragonet of Pern, see fire-lizard. More

Dragonet is the family name for the Mandarin Fish which is featured in the logo and also in the "Below the Surface" gallery. More


Dragonet Solutions continues to provide computer and web support for the entire Denver Metro Area. Dragonet Solutions specializes in working closely with small or home-based businesses with all of their computer needs. More

The Ocellated Dragonet or Scooter Dragonet fish can make a very interesting addition to a well established saltwater tank with plenty of amphipods and copepods. More

Dragonet (SS-293) was launched 18 April 1943 by Cramp Shipbuilding Co., Philadelphia, Pa.; sponsored by Mrs. J. E. Gingrich; and commissioned 6 March 1944, Commander J. H. Lewis in command. More

The Fingered Dragonet is also referred to as the Sailfin Dragonet. Its body is mottled brown and white, with large dark spots. The lower fin has many bright blue spots. More

The Scooter Dragonet has a body mottled in browns and white, with a very large dorsal fin, brilliantly marked with browns, tan, and blue. The head and gill area of the Scooter Dragonet is accented with bright blue spots adding even more appeal. More

It is thought that the dragonet has to be at least 15 months old and has to meet many candidates before choosing a companion. Dragonets exhibit immediate signs of intelligence, including the use of language, upon hatching. Retrieved from "http://www.temeraire. More

dragonet will emerge, spread its wings for the first time and take its first small steps. More

Where seen? Schaap's dragonet (Callionymus schaapii) is sometimes seen on our Northern shores, near seagrass areas. While the Mosaic dragonets are sometimes seen near living reefs on some of our shores. What are dragonets? Dragonets belong to Family Callionymidae. More

dragonet definition drag·onet (drag′ə nit, drag′ə net′) noun 1. a small dragon 2. More

Common names

Dragonet in English
Thornfish in English
窄叶牛鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
窄葉牛魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Bovichtidae
Genus : Bovichtus
Species : Bovichtus variegatus
Authority : Regan, 1913