Dhofar cardinalfish

The Dhofar cardinalfish lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 0 - 10 m environment.

The Dhofar cardinalfish Apogon dhofar n. sp. is described from 21 specimens collected in the Arabian Sea, Northwest Indian Ocean off southern Oman. It differs from the very similar A. pseudotaeniatus Gon, 1986 in its higher gill-raker count (12-17 developed rakers vs. More

Dhofar cardinalfish Dhofar cardinalfish (Apogon dhofar) (Apogon dianthus) redspot cardinalfish redspot cardinalfish (Apogon dispar) (Apogon diversus) Doederleins cardinalfish Doederleins cardinalfish (Apogon doederleini) longspine cardinalfish longspine cardinalfish (Apogon doryssa) tailspot cardinalfish tailspot More

* Dhofar Cardinalfish (Apogon dhofar) - Text and Image. * Doederlein's Cardinalfish (Apogon doederleini) - Text and Image. * Doederlein More

Common names

Dhofar cardinalfish in English
阿拉伯海天竺鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
阿拉伯海天竺鯛 in Unknown
阿拉伯海天竺鲷 in Mandarin Chinese
阿拉伯海天竺鲷 in Unknown

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Apogonidae
Genus : Apogon
Species : Apogon dhofar
Authority : Mee, 1995