Cape kurper

The Cape kurper is a species of fish in the Anabantidae family.

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The Cape kurper lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

* The Cape Kurper (Sandelia capensis) is an indigenous tilapia. It grows larger than the Cape Galaxias and Berg River Redfin, and is more common in lowland rivers and wetlands than in mountain streams. More

The Cape kurper (Sandelia capensis) is a species of fish in the Anabantidae family. It is endemic to South Africa. References - * Skelton, P. 1996. Sandelia capensis. More

Cape Kurper (Sandelia capensis) caught on a Goddards Caddis. Western Cape, South Africa To gallery Switch between medium and large picture Submitted by: Darryl Lampert Viewed 4369 times. More

Cape Kurper (Sandelia capensis) caught on a Goddards Caddis. Submitted by: Darryl Lampert Rated Excellent (5.1) with 40 votes. 4,238 views Rainbow on a crystal Western Cape Stream Submitted by: Kevin Cox Rated Global class! (5. More

Wildekrantz, where the Cape Kurper as well as Cape Galaxias have been seen. Peterkloof, where we've seen Cape Galaxias Cape Galaxias (Galaxias zebratus). Found in Peterkloof and Wildekrantz rivers. More

One, the Cape Kurper, has been found in the Wildekrantz river, and Cape Galaxias have been netted in the Peterkloof stream as well as in Wildekrantz. We would like to know more about these fish and their habitats, and try to ensure their conservation. More

This typical upland habitat of the Cape Kurper, lies in the Baaviaanskloof wilderness area, near Port Elizabeth. Here the clear water flows over white quartz gravel with larger boulders between which the kurpers take refuge. The habitat is shared with the endemic red-fin minnow, Barbus afer. More

if indigenous Cape Kurper can survive in a tank with Die OOG water. September 2009 - 12 Galaxias have been translocated from a wetland at Kenilworth Cape Town and placed in a tank with Die Oog water which is refreshed once a week. More

The early ontogeny of the Cape kurper, Sandelia capensis (Pisces: Anabantidae). Ann. ... 6 Picasa Web Albums - Wildcliff - Wildcliff Fish Photos by Wildcliff, Feb 1, 2008 - Fish at Wildcliff Nature Reserve in South Africa (www. ... More

The Cape kurper Sandelia capensis is found in cape coastal rivers from Algoa Bay to the Cape flats and north to the Verlorenvlei and Langvlei rivers on the west coast. Mitochondrial DNA sequences distinguish a west coast group from a south coast group. More

Common names

Cape kurper in English
Kaapse kurper in Afrikaans
Kap-Buschfisch in German (Deutsch)
Kapinkiipijäkala in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Östlicher Kaplabyrinthfisch in German (Deutsch)
岬圆鳞攀鲈 in Mandarin Chinese
岬圓鱗攀鱸 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Anabantidae
Genus : Sandelia
Species : Sandelia capensis
Authority : Cuvier, 1829