Ornate ctenopoma

Junior synonym refers to a scientific name applied to a species after its initially published name .

The Ornate ctenopoma lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater, pH range: 6.0 - 8.0, dH range: 5 - 19 environment.

The Ornate ctenopoma spawns at night, laying its eggs on a floating bubble nest of mucus. It lives in the slow-flowing forest streams of the Congo basin, where it feeds on worms, insect larvae and other aquatic invertebrates it finds amongst mud and fallen leaves. More

The Ornate Ctenopoma is a timid fish, only suitable for a quiet tank free of boisterous, fast moving tankmates. Their unique coloration makes them a worthwhile species for a species set-up, for these fish to be enjoyed most easily. More

Common names

Loistokiipijäkala in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Orange buskfisk in Danish (dansk)
Orange Ctenopoma in English
Orange-Buschfisch in German (Deutsch)
Ornate climbing perch in English
Ornate ctenopoma in English
Pretty ctenopoma in English
Rainbow ctenopoma in English
安氏細梳攀鱸 in Mandarin Chinese
安氏细梳攀鲈 in Mandarin Chinese
安氏非洲攀鱸 in Mandarin Chinese
安氏非洲攀鲈 in Mandarin Chinese
达维非洲攀鲈 in Mandarin Chinese
達維非洲攀鱸 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Anabantidae
Genus : Microctenopoma
Species : Microctenopoma ansorgii
Authority : Boulenger, 1912