Long-spined glass perchlet

* Long-spined glass perchlet, Ambassis interrupta Bleeker, 1852. * Port Jackson perchlet, Ambassis jacksoniensis (Macleay, 1881). * Freckled hawkfish, Ambassis kopsii Bleeker, 1858. More

* Long-spined glass perchlet, Ambassis interrupta BleekerPieter BleekerPieter Bleeker was a Dutch medical doctor and ichthyologist, famous for his work on the fishes of East More

long-spined glass perchlet long-spined glass perchlet (Ambassis interrupta) Port Jackson perchlet Port Jackson perchlet (Ambassis jacksoniensis) freckled hawkfish freckled hawkfish (Ambassis kopsii) Macleays glass perchlet Macleays glass perchlet (Ambassis macleayi) estuarine glass perchlet estuarine glass perchlet (Ambassis More

* Long-spined Glass Perchlet (Ambassis interrupta) - Text. * Macleay's Glass Perchlet (Ambassis macleayi) - Text. * Parambassis macrolepis - Text and Image. * Parambassis siamensis - Text and Image. More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Ambassidae
Genus : Ambassis
Species : Ambassis interrupta
Authority : Bleeker, 1852