Red tail golden

Native to Southeast Asia, Asian arowanas inhabit blackwater rivers, slow-moving waters flowing through forested swamps and wetlands.

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The Red tail golden lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

i have a red tail golden arowana, for the past week i realised its not eating. All it does is sit on the corner of the fish tank and doesnt even swim, it just stays there looking around. More

Generally, the Red Tail Golden is the tougher of the two Golden types and can grow bigger in size but is the more aggressive of the two. More

The Red Tail Golden is the first of the lower priced Arowana to generate true scale colour. It has a distinct Gold outer scale and in premium fish can develop clearly visible base colour as well. More

The High Back Red Tail Golden is a premium grade Red Tail Golden Arowana that is likely to have colour reach the 5th or possibly 6th line of scale. More

Red Tail Golden Arowana directly from Malaysian farm, prices is much lower than your regular pet shop. 11 inches with certificate and chip. For people starting out, I would recommend at least a RTG. I wouldn't recommend a Green or a 1. More

Red Tail Golden Arowana: Red tail golden is a beautiful fish that is found in Indonesia's water near pekanbaru. It has golden scale shine, usually up to maximum of 5th level and the top is skin colour. More

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Common names

Red tail golden in English

Order : Osteoglossiformes
Family : Osteoglossidae
Genus : Scleropages
Species : Scleropages aureus
Authority : Pouyaud, Sudarto and Teugels,2003