Dwarf pencilfish

The species is small, females measuring up to 7 cm in length, its body is slender, elongate and cylindrical.

The Dwarf pencilfish lives in the demersal, non-migratory, freshwater, pH range: 3.8 - 4.5, dH range: 5 environment.


The Dwarf Pencilfish, which grows to one inch, can be kept in a shoal even in a small aquarium. A water temperature between 74 More

I have never had dwarf pencilfish, and accounts of them vary. More

Do you have Dwarf pencilfish in your aquarium? Send me please a short paragraph about your experiences with Dwarf pencilfish. Some photo would be handy too. I will place both here. Learn about aquarium plants. More

Dwarf pencilfish ( common name ) let's test your knowledge! Nannostomus marginatus ( fish name )slovensky , français Share pictures of your fish! Upload them now! * Maximum size in aquariums (min-max): 3 - 4 cm ( More

Dwarf Pencilfish are small, beautiful fish that require a minimum size aquarium of 30 gallons long, dense vegetation, floating vegetation, ample swimming room, clear/peaty water, driftwood/bogwood, roots, rocks or slate. More

Apistos but has anyone had experience with dwarf pencilfish in an apistogramma tank? ta, :) Mark * Back to top * Reply Icon MultiQuote * Reply Icon Reply More

The Dwarf Pencilfish is small and peaceful and an interesting alternative to Tetras. More

Dwarf Pencilfish (trifasciatus) at tyne valley aquaticsAdded to Quicklist0:25Dwarf Pencilfish (trifasciatus) at tyne valley...303 viewspondguru Tropical fish - Dwarf Pencilfish at Tyne Valley Aquatics ( Prudhoe, near Newcastle )Added to Quicklist0:35Tropical fish - Dwarf Pencilfish at Tyne Valley... More

Sign In or Sign Up now! My Dwarf pencilfish live alone in their own Walstad aquarium, I am hoping for little baby Dwarf pencilfish... Nannostomus marginatus My Dwarf pencilfish live alone in their own Walstad aquarium, I am hoping for little baby Dwarf pencilfish... More

Common names

Dwarf pencilfish in English
Lepidogalaxias salamandroides in French (français)
Lepidogalaxias salamandroides in Polish (polski)
Long-finned galaxias in English
Mud minnow in English
Salamanderfisch in German (Deutsch)
Salamanderfish in English
Salmanderfish in English
Scaled galaxias in English
鱗南乳魚(螈魚) in Mandarin Chinese
鱗南乳魚(螈魚) in Unknown
鳞南乳鱼(螈鱼) in Mandarin Chinese
鳞南乳鱼(螈鱼) in Unknown

Order : Osmeriformes
Family : Lepidogalaxiidae
Genus : Lepidogalaxias
Species : Lepidogalaxias salamandroides
Authority : Mees, 1961