The Fierasfer lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 120 - 3250 m environment.

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(see all of Fierasfer, no other writeups in this node) - (definition) by Webster 1913 Tue Dec 21 1999 at 23:39:21 Fi`e*ras"fer (?), n. Zool. More

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Common names

Eingeweidefisch in German (Deutsch)
fierasfer in English
fierasfer in informal latinized name (vernacular concept only)
Fieraster denté in French (français)
Fill de morena mansa in Catalan (Català)
Galiotto dentato in Italian (Italiano)
Gallioto dentato in Italian (Italiano)
Gestfiskur in Faroese (Føroyskt)
Inci baligi in Turkish (Türkçe)
İnci balığı in Turkish (Türkçe)
Rubioca in Spanish (español)
Stachelzahn-Nadelfisch in German (Deutsch)
Strmorinac vitki in Croatian (Hrvatski)
大齒底潛魚 in Mandarin Chinese
大齿底潜鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Ophidiiformes
Family : Carapidae
Genus : Echiodon
Species : Echiodon dentatus
Authority : Cuvier, 1829