ANIMAL SPECIES:Allied Halosaur, Aldrovandia affinis (Günther, 1877) - Add comment Add tags The Allied Halosaur is an elongate fish with an overhanging, pointed snout. It is found worldwide in continental slope depths. More

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Halosaurus pectoralis McCulloch, 1926 The goanna fish, Australian halosaur, or common halosaur, Halosaurus pectoralis, is a halosaur of the genus Halosaurus, found in the south west Pacific Ocean. More

Halosauropsis Halosaurus See text for species. Halosaurs are eel-shaped fishes found only at great ocean depths. More

A halosaur using a 'sit-and-wait' foraging tactic uses slow fin movements to remain in place while current flow brings drifting zooplankton within range. Image courtesy of the Mountains in the Sea Research Team, URI/IAO, IFE, and NOAA. More

family Halosauridae have not been previously reported in the California Current. More

A halosaur is a thin, elongated fish resembling an eel. The largest of halosaurs grows to about 20 in (51 cm) long. Unlike the eel, the halosaur has a backbone composed of many vertebrae. More

Encyclopedia Halosaurs are eelEelTrue eels are an order of fish, which consists of four suborders, 19 families, 110 genera and approximately 600 species. Most eels are predators... More

The halosaur family (Halosauridae) contains three genera: Aldrovandia, with six species; Halosaurus, with nine species; and Halosauropsis, with one species. More

Halosauropsis macrochir FAMILY Halosauridae TAXONOMY Halosaurus macrochir Gunther, 1878, off Gibraltar. OTHER COMMON NAMES None known. More

Abyssal Halosaur Halosauropsis macrochir Abyssal Halosaur Halosauropsis macrochir gouache paint More

“ Halosauropsis macrochir ” Results 1 - 3 (of 3) Halosauropsis macrochir “Abyssal halosaur” a fish, name verified, 259 distribution records Halosauropsis macrochir (as Halosaurus goodei) “Abyssal halosaur” a More

Halosauropsis affinis (G More

Halosauropsis macrochir .. Black Halosaur 37 081006 .. Halosaurus ovenii .. Oven's Halosaur 37 081002 .. Halosaurus pectoralis .. Australian Halosaur 37 081001 .. Halosaurus sp. .. More

halosaurThere are around 17 species in this family. More

Halosauropsis macrochir (halosaur) Halosaurus (halosaur) Haptenchelys texis (cutthroat eel) Ilyophis (cutthroat eel) Istieus belloci (bonefish) Istieus gissu (bonefish) Lipogenys (spiny eel) Meadia (cutthroat More

Halosaurus pectoralis Haloscope Halosere Halosere Halosere Halosimplex Halosphaera halostachine Halostagnicola HALOT Haloterrigena Halotestin Halotex More

Halosaurs - Definition = Halosaurs Click for larger image Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: More

Common names

Halosaur in English
Halosaur güntherův in Czech (česky)
Halosaur johnsonův in Czech (česky)
Kuroguchi-tokagegisu in Japanese (日本語)

Order : Notacanthiformes
Family : Halosauridae
Genus : Halosaurus
Species : Halosaurus johnsonianus
Authority : Goode & Bean, 1896