The Alligator Gar, Gator Gar, or Atractosteus spatula, is a primitive ray-finned fish.

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The Gemfish lives in the demersal, freshwater, brackish, depth range 0 - m environment.

Gemfish (Rexea solandri) Photographs and Information = gemfish.jpg (2721 bytes) gemfishmap. More

The silver gemfish or gemfish, Rexea solandri, is a snake mackerel of the genus Rexea, found in south eastern Australia and around New Zealand at depths of between 100 and 700 m. Its length is between 60 and 180 cm. More

Distribution - Gemfish are a bottom dwelling fish which inhabitat deep water off the New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmanian coasts. Generally found in large schools at depths of 100 - 800 metres. Size - Maximum weight of around 40kg and 1.35m in length. More

The gemfish fishery was worth about $12 million annually until it virtually disappeared in 1992. "Basically we're not getting as many windy days any more," Dr Thresher said. More

HSI has nominated gemfish for listing as a threatened species under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, and also under the NSW Fisheries Act. We expect a decision from the Federal Environment Minister on listing by the end of 2003. More

Illegal gemfish served in southern Sydney: AUS By FoodWeek Online @ 9:13 AM 0 Comments Article Rating Food Service-News A bistro in Sydney's Sutherland Bowling Club has allegedly been caught serving gemfish illegally caught off the More

In the case of the eastern gemfish, the bureau said although protection measures have been in place since 1988 there had been no recovery in fish stocks. Orange roughy, blue warehou, redfish and tropical rock lobster were all added to the over-fished list for 2000-01. More

Marinate 2 lb of Gemfish in this mixture for at least one hour, but preferably overnight. Remove fillets from marinade, place in griller or barbeque, basting in marinate while cooking. Cook 2-3 minutes each side, turning carefully only once. More

gemfish stocks so low that its fishery will remain closed. More

on the eastern gemfish and orange roughy fisheries in 1988 and 1990, respectively. On 1 January 1992 TACs allocated as ITQs were introduced for the 17 major species or species groups (see Table 1) in the fishery. More

'overfishing' only one species, gemfish, is listed as recruitment overfished, ie of consevation concern! Gemfish are found in deep water and so will not benifit from NSW marine parks for which NSW only has juristriction up to the 3nm mark. More

Grilled Gemfish In Chermoula Marinade = The longer you marinate the fish, tastier it will be when you grill it. So, preferably let the fish marinate overnight in the refrigerator. More

And gemfish are in so much strife that trawling them was outlawed a few years ago. Blue Fin Tuna are in huge danger of being fished out because they're worth a mint in Japan, and they're not as photogenic as dolphins. More

Common names

Aligátorhal in Hungarian (Magyar)
alligator gar in English
Alligatorbengädda in Swedish (Svenska)
Alligatorhecht in German (Deutsch)
Alligatorpansergedde in Danish (dansk)
Catán in Spanish (español)
Garpique alligator in French (français)
Gaspar baba in Spanish (español)
Gemfish in English
Keihäsluuhauki in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Kostlín obrovský in Czech (česky)
Pejelagarto in Spanish (español)
Панцирник миссисипский in Russian (русский язык)
ปลาจระเข้ in Thai (ไทย)
紡錘骨雀鱔 in Mandarin Chinese
纺锤骨雀鳝 in Mandarin Chinese
鱷雀鱔 in Mandarin Chinese
鳄雀鳝 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Lepisosteiformes
Family : Lepisosteidae
Genus : Atractosteus
Species : Atractosteus spatula
Authority : Lacep