West African lungfish

Attached Image The West African Lungfish "WAL" is about 24" long and as far as I know that is full grown. This picture is of the South American Lungfish "SAL". She is about 42" long. More

West African Lungfish is about 24" long. They eat hikari massivore pellets (Any pellets even for herbivorous but not recommended). MP, fish fillet and maybe my fingers soon. :D They will eat anything that they think its delicious for them. More

West african lungfish can get up to 3 feet. 20-30 inches are more likely in captivity. Love the pattern on your lung! It's useless to add more plants or decor as they will only destroy them. More

* West African lungfish are located in large rivers around tropical west Africa, namely Senegal, Niger, Gambia, Ghana, Chad, C More

Order : Lepidosireniformes
Family : Protopteridae
Genus : Protopterus
Species : Protopterus annectens
Authority : Owen, 1839