Deal fish

Deal fish caught in trawl. Photo: A Norwegian trawler got a lot of dela fish while trawling for blue whiting west of Ireland in March 2007. More

The deal fish – a beauty in the deep - Published by admin at 6:35 pm under Fish and fishing The deal fish (Trachipterus arcticus) is a real beauty. More

Stepping into the New Deal Fish Market in East Cambridge always makes me smile. More

I’ve heard glowing reviews about New Deal Fish Market in Cambridge. I can’t speak about prices (they were closed the one time I tried to stop in.) People rave about beautiful sushi-grade fish so I’ve been trying... More

Deal fish are found in the North Atlantic to as far south as Florida. Not much is known but they are about them. They feed on small fishes and squids. More

New Deal Fish Market is The Real Deal. To put it simply these guys (father and son duo) are true fish mongers. They take their time with each customer to make sure they know not only what they are getting but anything else. More

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Order : Lampriformes
Family : Trachipteridae
Genus : Trachipterus
Species : Trachipterus arcticus
Authority : Br