The Sandfish lives in the demersal, oceanodromous, marine, depth range 104 - 1233 m environment.

sandfish's rating is 24.33. * Score: -102.34 (25th percentile) * Accuracy: 38.46% (32nd percentile) A member's rating indicates his percentile rank in CAPS. sandfish is outperforming 24.33% of all CAPS members. More

Sandfish is a common name of: * Gonorynchus, a genus of fish * Scincus scincus, a skink * Holothuria scabra, a sea cucumber Disambig gray. More

The Sandfish (Scincus scincus) is a species of skink that burrows into the sand and swims through it. It is native to North Africa but is also kept as a pet elsewhere. More

Despite its name, the sandfish is actually a skink from the Arabian desert. It travels through the sand by moving its body from side to side, just like a fish swimming in water. That is probably how it got its name. More

A sandfish is a sand-dwelling lizard of the family Scincidae (a skink) found in desert regions of North Africa and southwestern Asia. It receives the name "sandfish" because it literally "swims" through the loose sand of its preferred habitat. More

sandfish are immensely popular in the reptile hobby. With some care they are hardy and long lived.* - Habitat 1-3 specimens can be maintained in a 15-20 gallon capacity terrarium. More

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The sandfish occurs in the Sahara of northern Africa, from Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya to Egypt and the Mediterranean coast. It also is found in Israel, Jordan, Iraq, and Iran. More

As the name suggests, sandfish have the remarkable ability to move with considerable speed below the surface of loose sand (5) (6). More

VIDEO: This video shows a sandfish crawling on the surface of granular media before it burrows beneath the surface and creates a snakelike pattern with its body to slither quickly through... Click here for more information. More

Feeding Sandfish skinks are insectivorous (diet consists mainly of insects). So a diet of a variety of vitamin/calcium dusted insects such as crickets, mealworms, superworms and waxworms is recommended. More

The sandfish is a small lizard native to the Sahara desert the burrows through the sand. More

Sandfish is een Desselgemse band met 4 vijftienjarigen, die in your face garagerock en rock brengt. hun explosieve start kwam er in 2006, toen ze iedereen verbaasden met hun prestatie op de ommegangsfeesten in Desselgem. More

* Sandfish skinks are unique among the skinks of the world. * They have atypical variations (mainly visible along the neck region) which allow them to quickly "disappear" into the sand when threatened. More

Investigating the Locomotion of the Sandfish in Desert Sand Using NMR-Imaging = The sandfish (Scincus scincus) is a lizard having the remarkable ability to move through desert sand for significant distances. More

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thought that the sandfish pulled its legs in against its body, but the experiments revealed that it actually moves its legs back and forth in a fixed pattern."This seems illogical at first, because sand provides resistance," says Baumgartner. More

The sandfish used in this study inhabits the Sahara desert in Africa and is approximately four inches long. It uses its long, wedge-shaped snout and countersunk lower jaw to rapidly bury into and swim within sand. More

sandfish - either of two small silvery scaleless fishes of the northern Pacific that burrow into sandpercoid, percoid fish, percoidean - any of numerous spiny-finned fishes of the order Perciformesfamily Trichodontidae, Trichodontidae - two species of elongate compressed scaleless large-eyed fishes that More

The Sandfish sea cucumber is ocassionally seen on Chek Jawa. While small ones usually remain buried in the sand, larger ones might be found above the ground. These sea cucumbers have an obvious upper and underside. More

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sandfish locomotion changed when burrowing through media with volume fractions of 58 and 62 percent. More

Common names

Sandfish in English

Order : Gonorynchiformes
Family : Gonorynchidae
Genus : Gonorynchus
Species : Gonorynchus forsteri
Authority : Ogilby, 1911