Eastern cleaner-clingfish

The Eastern cleaner-clingfish lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 3 - 40 m environment.

The Eastern Cleaner-Clingfish was named after its cleaning behaviour. The species is often observed cleaning other larger fishes. It swims over the surface of larger fishes such as Morwongs, Leatherjackets and the Eastern Blue Groper, picking food off these larger fishes. More

* Eastern Cleaner-Clingfish, Cochleoceps orientalis Hutchins, 1991 * Kuiter's Deepsea Clingfish, Kopua kuiteri Hutchins, 1991 * Tasmanian Clingfish, Aspasmogaster tasmaniensis (Günther, 1861) A Grass Clingfish at Eagle Bay A Grass Clingfish at Eagle More

* Eastern cleaner-clingfish, Cochleoceps orientalis Hutchins, 1991. * Cochleoceps spatula (Günther, 1861). * Green clingfish, Cochleoceps viridis Hutchins, 1991. More

for an Eastern cleaner-clingfish (Cochleoceps orientalis) in the Tasman Sea off the coast of Australia. The tiny fish, which cleans parasites from the bodies of larger fish, fights strong currents by anchoring itself with a sucker disc on its abdomen. More

1 Eastern Cleaner-Clingfish, Cochleoceps orientalis Hutchins ... Explore our collections, exhibitions, natural history and indigenous cultures ... should be similar to those of the Western Cleaner-Clingfish, Cochleoceps bicolor. ... australianmuseum.net. More

The Eastern Cleaner-Clingfish, Cochleoceps orientalis, is yellow to orange with red spots and purple dashes. It has no scales, but is covered by a thick mucus. More

Eastern Cleaner-clingfish in 10m of water at Shark Point,... Hier klicken für "clingfish" Suchergebnis 10 200 x 109 5 kb Lower surface of Kuiter's Deepsea clingfish. The... More

Common names

Eastern cleaner-clingfish in English
东方宽头喉盘鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
东方宽头喉盘鱼 in Unknown
東方寬頭喉盤魚 in Mandarin Chinese
東方寬頭喉盤魚 in Unknown

Order : Gobiesociformes
Family : Gobiesocidae
Genus : Cochleoceps
Species : Cochleoceps orientalis
Authority : Hutchins, 1991