Small-headed clingfish

Small-headed clingfish - Apletodon dentatus - - Small-headed clingfish Do you have an image for this species? upload it here Distribution map Apletodon dentatus recorded (dark blue bullet) and expected (light More

* Small-headed clingfish, Apletodon dentatus dentatus (FacciolĂ , 1887). * Apletodon incognitus Hofrichter & Patzner, 1997. * Apletodon microcephalus (Brook, 1890). More

The second clingfish was the Small-headed Clingfish, Apletodon dentatus (=A. microcephalus), also taken from a pool at Black Rock in 1974 and also positively identified by Alwyne Wheeler. This was the first record of this fish off Sussex and in the eastern English Channel. More

Small-headed Clingfish (Apleton dentatus) Two-spotted Clingfish (Diplecoegaster bimaculata) Cornish Clingfish (Lepadogaster lepadogaster purpurea) Connemara Clingfish (Lepadogaster candollei) Order PEDICULATI Family LOPHIIDAE Angler Fish (Lophius piscatorius) More

Small-Headed Clingfish, Loch Fyne, UKPhotographic Print 24 x 18 in Paul Kay$39. More

Small-headed clingfish lay their eggs in kelp holdfasts or among larger seaweeds. More

* Small-headed Clingfish (Apletodon dentatus) - Text and Images. * Spiny Lumpfish (Eumicrotremus spinosus) - Text and Image. * Two-spotted Clingfish (Diplecogaster bimaculata bimaculata) - Text and Image. More

Small-headed Clingfish, Apletodon Dentatus (Gobiesocidae) pp. 333-339(7) Authors: Gonc More

small-headed clingfish, Apletodon dentatus (Gobiesocidae). Environmental Biology of Fishes, 63, 333-339. News Royal Society Piranhas. Group members * Prof. More

* small-headed: Small-headed clingfish lay their eggs in kelp holdfasts or among larger seaweeds. * two-spotted: Two-spotted clingfish eat mainly small crustaceans, but little is known about the diet of the other species. More

Order : Gobiesociformes
Family : Gobiesocidae
Genus : Apletodon
Species : Apletodon microcephalus
Authority : Facciol