Great herring

The Hawaiian ladyfish, Elops hawaiensis, is a species of fish in the Elopidae family.

Lina and David passed the Great Herring Test to the acclamation of the gathered families. Welcome! Welcome to the world of adulthood. More

a row last weekend at the Great Herring Pond Open at Mass Maritime. More

Great Herring Pond is a 376-acre (1.5 km2) warm water pond mostly located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, with the southern portion extending into Bourne. The village of Pondville in the Cedarville section of Plymouth lies on the eastern shore of the pond. More

Committee on the South end of Great Herring Pond can be viewed here. > Also, check out our new Herring Ponds Classified Page and our Photo Gallery - and if you like, submit some of your own photos or ads for other watershed residents to see. More

The Great Herring Chase is a collaborative effort between Greg Wohlwend and Jiggmin, in which you play a detective who is trying to track down the head of a criminal organization. More

I wonder if “The Great Herring War” is in the history books or the encyclopedia. I’ll look it up under “H” for “hilarious. More

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To my knowledge, that was the last great herring catch at Nefyn. My father and several other fishermen would continue for years later to catch a few dozen, even a few of hundred, here and there, but nothing came even close to that herring bonanza on December 31, 1950. More

Great Herring Catch at Newquay Nov. 1909 wg/ON0180 Title Great Herring Catch at Newquay Nov. More

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for the Icelandic nation - the great herring adventure that lasted a full one hundred years. More

Order : Elopiformes
Family : Elopidae
Genus : Elops
Species : Elops hawaiensis
Authority : Regan, 1909