Austrolebias robustus

The Austrolebias robustus lives in the benthopelagic, non-migratory, freshwater environment.

sinónimo de Austrolebias robustus ya que las similitudes son más que formales y las diferencias son tan mínimas que no es posible considerarlas especies diferentes. More

apaii Austrolebias toba Austrolebias robustus Cnesterodon raddai Megalebias Pterolebias bokermanni ... 8 Austrolebias apaii 9 NominalSpeciesList Family Rivulidae Austrolebias apaii Costa, Laurino, Recuero & Salvia, 2006. Austrolebias apaii. 057613 ... More

Austrolebias robustus was considered a synonym of A. bellotti by some authors and of Megalebias elongatus by others. The below listed authors consider the species as valid. Calviño redefined the type locality. published in: Calviño, P. More

Common names

Grüner Fächerkärpfling in German (Deutsch)
Riesenfächerfisch in German (Deutsch)

Order : Cyprinodontiformes
Family : Rivulidae
Genus : Austrolebias
Species : Austrolebias robustus
Authority : G