Blackfin pearlfish

The Blackfin pearlfish lives in the benthopelagic, non-migratory, freshwater, pH range: 6.0 - 7.0, dH range: 5 - 12 environment.

As part of these tests, young blackfin pearlfish were introduced to ponds and rice paddies at the Station and in an adjacent temporary pool. None of the fish survived and tests were terminated. In contrast to other authors (e.g., Courtenay et al. More

Blackfin pearlfish; Blackfin cisco; Blackfin poacher; Blackfin soapfish; Blackfin tilapia; Blackfin cardinalfish; Blackfin scad; Blackfin jack; Blackfin icefish; Blackfin croaker; Blackfin ghostshark; Blackfin triplefin; Blackfin barracuda; Blackfinned triplespine; Blackfin tuna; Blackfin snapper; Blackfinned clownfish; More

BLACKFIN PEARLFISH - Austrolebias nigripinnis (Regan 1912) PATRICIA More

Blackfin Pearlfish, Blackfin Pearl Killifish, Dwarf Argentine Pearlfish Synonyms Cynolebias nigripinnis, Cynolebias nigripinnis nigripinnis Sexing - More

Common names

Black-Finned Pearl Fish in English
black-finned pearlfish in English
Blackfin pearl killifish in English
Blackfin pearlfish in English
Cinolebia in Spanish (español)
Dwarf Argentine pearlfish in English
Helmiviuhkapyrstö in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Killifish in English
Mustaviuhkaevä in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Schwarzer Fächerfisch in German (Deutsch)
Stjernehimmelfisk in Danish (dansk)
Tsinolebiya in Russian (русский язык)
Wachlarek czarnopletwy in Polish (polski)
黑鰭珠鮰 in Mandarin Chinese
黑鳍珠鮰 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Cyprinodontiformes
Family : Rivulidae
Genus : Austrolebias
Species : Austrolebias nigripinnis
Authority : Regan, 1912