Lerma livebearer

The Lerma livebearer lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater, depth range 0 - 1 m environment.

include:* Poeciliopsis infans – Lerma Livebearer* Poeciliopsis monacha... , for example, show variable reproductive life history adaptations. Poeciliopsis monachaPoeciliopsis monacha Poeciliopsis monacha is a species of fish in the Poeciliidae family. It is Endemism to Mexico. Category:Fauna of Mexico... More

Blackfin Goodea (Goodea atripinnis) and Lerma Livebearer (Poeciliopsis infans), as well as with the Common Molly (Poecilia sphenops), Oreochromis tilapias and the Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) which presumably have all been introduced. Among groups of A. More

Common names

guatopote del Lerma in Spanish (español)
Hochland-Poeciliopsis in German (Deutsch)
Lerma livebearer in English
Nokimolli in Finnish (suomen kieli)
哑若花鮰 in Mandarin Chinese
啞若花鮰 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Cyprinodontiformes
Family : Poeciliidae
Genus : Poeciliopsis
Species : Poeciliopsis infans
Authority : Woolman, 1894