Molly under the spell of the Unown, in teenage form In pre-teen form Molly Hale (Japanese: ミー・スノードン Me Snowdon) is a little girl from the town of Greenfield, the daughter of two researchers. More

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Molly is a 1999 romantic comedy-drama film about an autistic woman who came into the custody of her neurotic executive brother. The film was directed by John Duigan and written by Dick Christie, and stars Elisabeth Shue, Aaron Eckhart, and Jill Hennessy. More

Molly Walker is a young girl from Los Angeles whose parents were brutally murdered by Sylar. Molly was taken into custody by The Company, and later was taken into the care of Matt Parkman and Mohinder Suresh. More

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Molly is a yellow tender engine. More

Molly McIntire is a bright, cheerful girl who schemes and dreams on the home front during World War Two. More

Molly, name which G. A. Bürger gave to his sister-in-law Auguste Leonhart, his second wife. Many of his poems are addressed to or refer to Molly. Among them are ‘Molly's Abschied’, ‘Molly's Wert’, ‘Das Blümchen Wunderhold’, and ‘Das Mädel, das ich meine’. More

* William Davison Perrine, Molly Pitcher of Monmouth County, New Jersey, and Captain Molly of Fort Washington, New York, 1778–1937. 1937. More

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Molly Sims was born on May 25, 1973 in Murray, Kentucky to Jim and Dottie Sims... more Trivia: Won't go into an airplane unless she steps in with her right foot and... More

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Molly and I have been working online since before Al Gore invented the Internet (around 1989 or 1990). Do you remember GEnie? It was a bulletin board service (yes a BBS) operated by GE. More

Molly’s Shebeen (Pub and Restaurant) is the most traditional Irish bar in New York City, located in the Gramercy section of Manhattan at 287 Third Avenue. Known for great food at reasonable prices, perfect Guinness, sawdust on the floor, and a log-burning fireplace. More

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At Molly Woo’s, a Cameron Mitchell Restaurant located at grand entrance to Polaris Fashion Place, your palate can tour a variety of Asian ports-of-call. The peppery stir fries of the Szechwan Province. The freshest sushi from Japan. More

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Fifteen years later Molly is forced to... John Duigan's film is the story of Molly (Elizabeth Shue), a functioning autistic with a learning disorder who was institutionalized when her parents died. More

But after surgeon Rustin Moore met Molly, he changed his mind. He saw how the pony was careful to lie down on different sides so she didn't seem to get sores, and how she allowed people to handle her. She protected her injured leg. More

Molly was born in 2368, to Miles and Keiko O'Brien. She was delivered by Worf in the U.S.S. Enterprise-D's Ten-Forward lounge and later moved to Deep Space Nine with her parents. More

Molly Easter is a member of the Georgia-Alabama Angels baton twirling team. They recently attended a world baton twirling competition in South Bend, Indiana at Notre Dame. The Angels Tiny-Tot teams consists of seven little girls, including Molly, between the ages of 6-8. More

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Molly Ivins was one of the speakers, introduced by the event host, Jim Hightower. ... This is a video I shot myself on March 23, 2002 at the "Rolling Thunder Down Home Democracy Tour" in Austin, TX. More

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