Phallotorynus psittakos

The Phallotorynus psittakos lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Phallotorynus psittakos, new species, can be autapomorphically diagnosed by a very large lateral process on base of fifth median anal-fin radial of adult males. More

Phallotorynus psittakos von Klaus Lebendgebärend 13.01.2009 13.01.2009 14:23 51 Phallotorynus victoriae von Klaus Lebendgebärend 13.01.2009 13.01. More

Phallotorynus psittakos can be distinguished from its congeners by a combination of several characters such as number of dorsal-fin rays, color pattern, number of epipleural ribs, and gonopodial rays. Phallotorynus pankalos n. sp. can be distinguished from its congeners, except P. More

Common names

Piky in Spanish (español)

Order : Cyprinodontiformes
Family : Poeciliidae
Genus : Phallotorynus
Species : Phallotorynus psittakos
Authority : Lucinda, Rosa & Reis,2005