Limia tridens

5 Limia Tridens (3F/2M) ranging from juvie to young adult (all of breeding age). Limia Tridens are a very active and pretty wildtype livbearer which are easy to keep. These are being offered for PICKUP ONLY due to cold winter temps. More

and trying to mate with the female Limia Tridens (who will have nothing to do with him.) It's interesting as I've never seen this behavior before and I keep Tridens and mollies together in my other tanks. More

Limia tridens is an invalid name; the fish is actually called Limia dominicensis: It is in John Dawes "Livebearing Fishes", for a start, where it is describe as pretty but not very hardy. More

Limia tridens "Tiburon Limia" CTP, LLC 0119-limia Pantodon buchholzi "African Butterfly Fish" ORNAMENTAL FISH DISTRIBUTORS F90 0022 0298 Luciocephalus pulcher "Pikehead" TRANSSHIP DISCOUNTS LTD L90 0022 1437 Pollimyrus isidori "Baby Whale" NEW AQUATICS TECHNOLOGIST, INC. More

Limia tridens ? See Limia dominicensis Limia tridens cf (Hilgendorf 1889, G9:121) "trident Limia" `Dreizahn-K More

Order : Cyprinodontiformes
Family : Poeciliidae
Genus : Limia
Species : Limia tridens
Authority : Hilgendorf, 1889