Ruaha lampeye

The Ruaha lampeye lives in the benthopelagic, non-migratory, freshwater, pH range: 6.3 - 7.2, dH range: 1 environment.

The ruaha lampeye (Aplocheilichthys omoculatus) is a species of fish in the Poeciliidae family. It is endemic to Tanzania. Its natural habitat is swamps. Source - * Hanssens, M & Snoeks, J. 2005. Aplocheilichthys omoculatus. More

Common names

Aplocheilichthys omoculatus in Catalan (Català)
Ruaha lampeye in English
Schulterfleck-Leuchtaugenfisch in German (Deutsch)
背眼灯鮰 in Mandarin Chinese
背眼燈鮰 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Cyprinodontiformes
Family : Poeciliidae
Genus : Aplocheilichthys
Species : Aplocheilichthys omoculatus
Authority : Wildekamp, 1977