Moderlieschen, Bitterling and Weatherfish have all contracted over the past fifty years by more than 25%. The Burbot, Brook lamprey and Minnow have all suffered a range contraction of more than 50% since 1945 and are considered to be endangered. More

Two Oriental weatherfish were collected in the Haw system, North Carolina, in 2009 (B. Tracy and W. Starnes, pers. comm.). More

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The Weatherfish has no economic or sporting value, but anglers regard it as good bait for catching large predatory fishes, such as Catfish. More

Oriental weatherfish have long, cylindrical, eel-like body and a mouth that is small, narrow and has six barbells. Potentially, weatherfish could impact native species by predation and competition for food and habitat. More

weatherfish (Misgurnis fossilis) See COBITIDAE. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. More

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distributed as weatherfish, but this one is most likely Misgurnus anguillicaudatus. They can survive the area winters and have been reproducing in Idaho for some time. More

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weatherfish are in need of clarification. The previous Oregon specimens of M. mizolepis and M. anguillicaudatus were sent to taxonomist M. Cottelet in Switzerland, and it may take similar efforts to learn the identity of the Tulalip Creek loach. More

1 of 9 The Oriental weatherfish is an invasive species.DIANE STEVENSON| Statesman Journalbuy this photo * Share this photo: * Del.icio. More

The Spotted Dojo or Weatherfish is less tolerant to temperature change and range; preferring the 50-60’s F. and only reaches a natural length of six inches. Both are excellent scavengers for biological ponds. More

Oriental weatherfish and Banded killifish are examples of invasive fish that could be affecting native aquatic life in Oregon. Category: News & Politics Tags: Invasive species Oregon News fish URL Embed Customize Loading... More

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cobitidae
Genus : Misgurnus
Species : Misgurnus fossilis
Authority : Linnaeus, 1758