Botia macrolineata

The Botia macrolineata lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

and the Botia Macrolineata? Thanks in advance. Mike Messages In This Thread * B. Dario and B. Macrolineata? Michael Ophir - Thursday, 26 August 1999, at 11:21 a.m. More

Botia dario Botia macrolineata, Cobitis dario "Bengal Loach", Queen Loach Botia dayi Botia eos "Sun Loach" Botia fasciata Parabotia fasciatus, Cobitis xanthi, Botia multifasciata, Leptobotia intermedia, Leptobotia hopeiensis, Cobitis zanthi, Parabotia fasciolata `Ringelschmerle` Botia More

Queen Loach, Botia macrolineata, Cobitis dario, "Bengal Loach" - 3 41 H81 261 6. More

Botia macrolineata, a new species of loach from India (Pisces; Cobitidae). Cybium v. 10 (no. 2): 187-192. More

Botia macrolineata Teugels, De Vos & Snoeks, 1986 – This species was described from “+/- 100 km from Bombay, India”. It was based on 3 specimens. They were imported by a Belgian tropical fish company, and that is where the locality information will have originated. More

* Botia macrolineata Teugels, Of Your & Snoeks, 1986. * Botia modesta Bleeker, 1865. * Botia rostrata Günther, 1868. * Botia striata Narayan Rao, 1920. More

Common names

Sekavka indická in Czech (česky)

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cobitidae
Genus : Botia
Species : Botia macrolineata
Authority : Teugels, De Vos & Snoeks,1986