Acantopsis arenae

The Acantopsis arenae lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

as Acantopsis arenae (Lin 1934) - (Kottelat 2001:49 ). Current status: Valid as Acantopsis arenae (Lin 1934) Cobitidae: Cobitinae. Distribution: China. Habitat: freshwater. More

Family: Cobitidae Acantopsis arenae , Acantopsis multistigmatus , Botia ... ondon , Pseudobagrus pratti , Pseudobagrus ransonnettii , Pseudobagrus rendahli , ... 6 Full text of "The Annals and magazine of natural history ... More

Acantopsis arenae, Acantopsis choirorhynchus Care: This is a very sociable loach species which needs company of its own kind. It is an active burrower which enjoys diving into the substrate to search for buried foods. More

Similar to: Acantopsis thiemmedhi, Acantopsis arenae, Acantopsis choirorhynchus Acantopsis octoactinotos Care: This loach is relatively hardy as long as water quality is highly well maintaned by good filtration. More

Acantopsis arenae (Lin 1934) Western Lake, Hwei-yang dist., Kwangtung, China Acantopsis dialuzona van Hasselt 1823 Jakarta , Java, Indonesia Acantopsis choirorhynchos (Bleeker 1854) Confluence of Lamatang and Enim rivers, e. Sumatra, Palembang Prov. More

Common names

Sekavec kwantungský in Czech (česky)
南方鰍 in Mandarin Chinese
南方鳅 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cobitidae
Genus : Acantopsis
Species : Acantopsis arenae
Authority : Lin, 1934