Southeastern blue sucker

The Southeastern blue sucker lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

* southeastern blue sucker, Cycleptus meridionalis Burr & Mayden, 1999. More

The southeastern blue sucker (Cycleptus meridionalis) is restricted to the Pearl and Pascagoula rivers in Southeastern Blue Sucker The entire range of the endemic spring pygmy sunfish (Elassoma alabamae) is restricted to two Spring Pygmy Sunfish The Atlantic needlefish (Strongylura marina) is a salt water More

Common names

blue sucker in Unknown
Rezatka alabamská in Czech (česky)
southeastern blue sucker in English

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Catostomidae
Genus : Cycleptus
Species : Cycleptus meridionalis
Authority : Burr & Mayden, 1999