Homaloptera yunnanensis

Homaloptera yunnanensis is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Homaloptera.

The Homaloptera yunnanensis lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

•Valid as Homaloptera yunnanensis (Chen 1978) - (Kottelat 1998:64 , Kottelat 1998:270 , Kottelat 2001:97 ). •Valid as Balitoropsis yunnanensis Chen 1978 - (Zhu 1995:137 , Chen in Chen 1998:264 , Chen & Tang in Yue 2000:521 , Tang & Chen 2000:8 , as yunnunensis). More

Homaloptera yunnanensis Kottelat & Chu, 1988Balitoropsis yunnanensis Chen, 1978; (vs) - Homaloptera zollingeri Bleeker, 1853 - 24.4. More

Homaloptera yunnanensis groupHomaloptera yunnanensis is an occasional import that often arrives in mixed shipments with Homaloptera smithi and H. zollingeri. It is notable for it's dark dorsal surface spots, surrounded by lighter circles. More

Common names

Balitora junanská in Czech (česky)
云南原爬鳅 in Mandarin Chinese
云南平鳍鳅 in Mandarin Chinese
雲南原爬鰍 in Mandarin Chinese
雲南平鰭鰍 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Balitoridae
Genus : Homaloptera
Species : Homaloptera yunnanensis
Authority : Chen, 1978