Gray's grenadier anchovy

The Gray's grenadier anchovy lives in the pelagic-neritic, freshwater, brackish, marine, depth range 0 - 50 m environment.

* Coilia grayii Gray's Grenadier Anchovy - Provides information on morphology, biology and distribution. With photos. * Congothrissa gossei Smooth-belly pellonuline - Provides information on morphology, biology and distribution. More

Common names

Alice in French (français)
Anchoa cola de rata in Spanish (español)
Anchoa granadera in Spanish (español)
Anchois grenadier in French (français)
anchovies in English
Bilis bulu ayam in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Biqueirão-cauda de rato in Portuguese (Português)
Biqueirão-cauda-de-rato in Portuguese (Português)
Cá Lành canh duôi phu?ng in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Cá Lành canh đuôi phượng in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Cá Lành canh tr?ng in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Cá Lành canh trắng in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Cá mào gà tráng in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Enchova-cauda de rato in Portuguese (Português)
Fèng jì in Mandarin Chinese
Fèng wěi yú in Mandarin Chinese
Fung mei in Cantonese
Fung mei in Chinese (中文)
Fung mei ue in Cantonese
Fung mei ue in Chinese (中文)
Fung mi in Cantonese
Fung mi in Chinese (中文)
Fung ne in Cantonese
Fung ne in Chinese (中文)
Fung we in Cantonese
Fung we in Chinese (中文)
Gonjeng in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Gray's grenadier anchovy in English
Grenadieranchovy in German (Deutsch)
Grenadieransjovis in Dutch (Nederlands)
Kǎo zĭ yú in Mandarin Chinese
Langhalet ansjos in Danish (dansk)
Lawi ayam in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Long-tailed anchovy in English
Ma-etsu in Japanese (日本語)
Osbeck's grenadier anchovy in English
Pesce topo pelagico in Italian (Italiano)
Phoenix-tailed anchovy in English
Pointed-tailed anchovy in English
Rat-tail anchovy in English
Sardel grayova in Czech (česky)
Sardel indooceánská in Czech (česky)
Sardel východní in Czech (česky)
Shing-ǒ in Korean (한국어)
マエツ(エツ) in Japanese (日本語)
싱어 in Korean (한국어)

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Order : Clupeiformes
Family : Engraulidae
Genus : Coilia
Species : Coilia grayii
Authority : Richardson, 1845