The Anchovy lives in the pelagic-neritic, freshwater, brackish, marine, depth range 0 - 50 m environment.

their country of origin as "anchovies," the true anchovy comes only from the Mediterranean and southern European coastlines. These tiny FISH are generally filleted, salt-cured and canned in oil; they're sold flat and rolled. Canned anchovies can be stored at room temperature for at least a year. More

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• To perk up a sauce, use about 1/8 of an anchovy (which should dissolve in the sauce) or 1/8 teaspoon of anchovy paste. It will give a piquant boost with no trace of the source. More

The anchovy is a small green fish with blue reflections. These reflections are due to a silver stripe that runs along the length of the fish from the base of the caudal fin. More

Name: Northern Anchovy, Engraulis mordax mordax Geographical range: Baja California to the Queen Charlotte Islands. The center of their abundance is from Magdalena Bay to San Francisco. Their occurrence in Washington waters is sporadic and unpredictable. More

anchovy pasteAnchovy Paste: Anchovy paste is ground anchovy fillets ground to a paste, then blended with salt and a small amount of sugar (to mellow the flavor). More

CASE NAME: Anchovy Depletion and Trade A. IDENTIFICATION 1. More

Anchovy: Herring, common name for members of the large, widely distributed family Clupeidae, comprising many species of marine and fresh-water food fishes, including the sardine (Sardinia), the menhaden (Brevoortia), and the shad (Alosa). More

Anchovy butter is prepared from pounded fillets of anchovy mixed with butter as a savoury spread; anchovy paste from pounded fillets of anchovy mixed with vinegar and spices. More

* anchovy paste — paste made primarily of anchovies; used in sauces and spreads - Learn More anchovy Scotch woodcock (savory dish) More

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The northern anchovy is distributed from Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada, to the gulf of Mexico. Adults are pelagic and are found in estuaries, near-shore areas, and out to 98 miles offshore, from the surface to 164 fm deep. More

Anchovy allergy symptoms can be severe, and people with anchovy allergies should completely avoid consuming them. More

olive oil base and it contains garlic and anchovy, which both give the dressing a strong flavor. Making Caesar dressing is a quick... More

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The anchovy has large, thin, easily detached scales and a deeply forked tail. More

Anchovy is any member of the more than 100 species of small, largely marine, herring-like fish comprising the family Engraulidae. More

Northern Anchovy (Engraulis mordax) = * While populations are thought to be healthy, there is no current information on the health of northern anchovy populations. More

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anchovy or an·cho·vies A small, herringlike marine fish of the family Engraulidae, especially the European fish (Engraulis encrasicholus), widely used in appetizers and various dishes. - . More

The anchovy plays a central role in the regional cooking of southern France where it is a staple element. Since the Middle Ages, the anchovy has been found on the finest tables of Provence and the Basque country. More

Anchovy An anchovy is a small salt water fish, but it is also a tasty addition to many popular recipes around the world. More

The anchovy is an ocean going fish species found in a large range of environments. More

Anchovy paste is a paste made from ground anchovy fillets. It is readily available in many grocery and specialty stores, usually in the form of small tubes. More

anchovy definition an·chovy (an′c̸hō′vē, -c̸hə-; an′c̸hō′vē) noun pl. anchovies -·vies or anchovy -·vy any of a family (Engraulidae) of very small fishes (order Clupeiformes) with large mouths, found mostly in warm seas: anchovies, esp. More

Common names

Anchoa in Spanish (español)
Anchoa ciquita in Spanish (español)
Anchoa parva in Spanish (español)
Anchois mignon in French (français)
Anchovy in English
Camiguana in Spanish (español)
Enchoveta in Portuguese (Português)
little anchovy in English
Manjüa in Spanish (español)
manjúa parva in Spanish (español)
Manjuba in Portuguese (Português)
Mejúa in Spanish (español)
Sardel malá in Czech (česky)
細身小鯷 in Mandarin Chinese
细身小鳀 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Clupeiformes
Family : Engraulidae
Genus : Anchoa
Species : Anchoa parva
Authority : Meek and Hildebrand, 1923