Black Sea sprat

The Black Sea sprat, Clupeonella cultriventris, is a small fish of the herring family, Clupeidae.

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Fat content in Black Sea sprat as an indicator of fish food supply and ecosystem condition Auteur(s) / Author(s) SHULMAN Georgiy E. (1) ; NIKOLSKY Victor N. (1) ; YUNEVA Tatyana V. (1) ; MINYUK Galina S. (1) ; SHCHEPKIN Vladimir Ya. More

The Black Sea sprat, Clupeonella cultriventris, is a small fish of the herring family, Clupeidae. It is found in the Caspian Sea, Black Sea and Sea of Azov. It has white-grey flesh and silver-grey scales. More

A main predator on Black Sea sprat, this species has been affected by the decline in sprat stocks due to the Mnemiopsis plague. More

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Black Sea sprat, and common sprat. Herring have a great economic importance. They are eaten fresh, salted, smoked, or tinned. In the former USSR they were an important part of the diet, particularly for prisoners in transport. More

The Black Sea sprat quota is unallocated while that of turbot will be split between Bulgaria and Romania. More

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dynamics in the Black Sea sprat population have been generalized and close connection between this indicator and fished biomass, abiotic (temperature) and biotic (food supply) factors has been determined (corr. member of NASU G.E. Shulman). More

a bioindicator of the Black Sea sprat population structure is shown (A.V.Gaevskaya). PROBLEM 3.3.3. More

Black Sea sprat in tomato sauce, tin N 3, net weight: 240 grams - USD 0.35. More

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Order : Clupeiformes
Family : Clupeidae
Genus : Clupeonella
Species : Clupeonella cultriventris
Authority : Nordmann, 1840