California halfbeak

The California halfbeak lives in the pelagic-neritic, freshwater, brackish, marine environment.

8 California Halfbeak Photos and Fish Species Information California Halfbeak, Hyporhamphus rosae, fish identification photos and description. ... and the Silverstripe Halfbeak, Hyporhamphus unifasciatus (distance from eye to ... www.mexfish. More

California Halfbeak, Hyporhamphus rosae (the back is not black and there is a ridge before the eye); the Choelo Halfbeak, Hyporhamphus gilli (short beak with a red tip with the distance from the pelvic fins to the caudal fin greater than the distance from the pelvic fins More

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Common names

Agujeta in sp
Agujeta califórnica in Spanish (español)
California halfbeak in English
Californisk halvnæb in Danish (dansk)
Choca in Spanish (español)
Choelo in Spanish (español)
Demi-bec californien in French (français)
Halfbeak in English
pajarito in sp
pajarito in Spanish (español)
pajarito californiano in Spanish (español)
Pajarito de California in Spanish (español)
Saltador in sp
Saltador in Spanish (español)
Saltador roza in Spanish (español)
полурыл калифорнийский in Russian (русский язык)
加州下鱵魚 in Mandarin Chinese
加州下鱵鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Beloniformes
Family : Hemiramphidae
Genus : Hyporhamphus
Species : Hyporhamphus rosae
Authority : Jordan and Gilbert, 1880