FlyingFish server for Windows® = What is the FlyingFish? - It's the latest in a long series of server packages that are compatible with the underlying Jellyfish standards. More

Our flyingfish research consists of two parts: a) specimen collection during an hour-long evening station using dipnets and lights pointed into the water, and b) visual census of flyingfish flushed by the ship while underway during the day using modified strip transect methods. More

Flyingfish is one of Copenhagen's oldest Thai-restaurant, for more then 15 years we have been using the recipe our own way, inspired by the traditional Thai kitchen. More

As a specialty bait, flyingfish are unsurpassed as a choice for tuna and slammer dolphin. Expert anglers have long carried them as a secret tournament weapon, and you can fly them from kites to bag mega-size blackfins. But rigging fliers right is key to using them successfully. Here's how. More

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Pacific Sharpchin Flyingfish Photos and Species Information for Fish Caught in Mexico See current, on-the-spot sportfishing reports and photographs of fish caught at Mexico's top vacation spots in this week's edition of "Mexico Fishing News" and see hundreds of other fish pictures and More

Order : Beloniformes
Family : Exocoetidae
Genus : Parexocoetus
Species : Parexocoetus hillianus
Authority : Gosse, 1851