The Toadfish lives in the demersal, marine environment.

Toadfish, the common name for a family of marine fishes. There are about 30 species, including several species called midshipmen. Members of the toadfish family range from about 8 to 18 inches (20 to 45 cm) in length. More

length of the toadfish is about 38 cm; the most common recorded length of an oyster toadfish is about 30 cm. They are generally yellowish with a pattern of brown oblique bars. More

The toadfish comprise the family Batrachoididae, the only family in the ray-finned fish order Batrachoidiformes. Both the English common name and scientific name refer to their toad-like appearance (batrakhos is Greek for frog). More

Toadfishes and their relatives are classified in the phylum Chordata Chordata (kôrdā`tə,–dä`–) ..... Click the link for more information. , subphylum Vertebrata, class Osteichthyes, order Batrachoidiformes, family Batrachoididae. More

Toadfish are a poorly known group of marine fishes, the vast majority of which live close to the shoreline but remain close to the sea bed. More

When I first started collecting live sea animals, toadfish were pretty easy to find. But in the early nineties most of Rhode Island's salt ponds were opened up to shellfishing. More

* The oyster toadfish has bulging eyes, fleshy flaps (whiskers) on cheeks and jaw; and broad * Color skin is yellow to brown with dark brown oblique bars and brown reticulations More

Venomous toadfishes (genera Thalassophryne and Daector), of Central and South America, have venom-injecting spines on their dorsal fins and gill covers. Midshipmen (genus Porichthys), shallow-water American fishes, have rows of 600 – 840 buttonlike light organs along the body. More

Oyster ToadfishThe oyster toadfish has a scaleless, flattened body that is olive-brown on top and pale on the belly. Adults have: * Dark blotches or bars covering the body. * Fleshy flaps or "whiskers" on the cheeks and jaws. More

The oyster toadfish is a bottom dwelling species which occurs along the east coast of North America from the West Indies to Cape Cod. More

The oyster toadfish is an unusually shaped, large-headed fish that generally lives along oyster reefs and vegetated muddy bottoms. It has scaleless skin covered instead by thick mucous and sometimes warts, making it easy to understand why it earned the name "oyster toadfish. More

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toadfish, common name for the sluggish, bottom-feeding fishes of the genus Opsanus, found in the shallow waters from New Jersey to the Caribbean. Toadfishes feed almost entirely on crustaceans and small fishes. More

Reproduction: toadfish are known for producing vocalizations, accomplished by rapid muscle contractions. The male produces a "foghorn" sound which may attract females to a nesting site. The spawning season lasts from April to October. More

The gulf toadfish was originally named Batrachus tau beta by well-known deep sea ichthyologists G. Brown Goode and Tarleton H. Bean in 1880. It is currently recognized as Opsanus beta (Goode & Bean 1880), the scientifically valid name in use today. More

The toadfish, like the sculpins, has a large flat head, round nose, tremendous mouth, tapering body with plump belly, and fanlike pectoral fins. But it differs from all sculpins, and indeed from all other spiny-finned fishes of the Gulf of Maine except the blennies (p. More

Get articles about toadfish at HighBeam Research = 15 of 531 articles about "toadfish" Characterization and use of isolated toadfish hepatocytes for... The Biological Bulletin; October 1, 1995; 700+ words ...450] in the marine fish Opsanus tau (toadfish). More

Toadfishes and their relatives are classified in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, class Osteichthyes, order Batrachoidiformes, family Batrachoididae. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright © 2007, Columbia University Press. All rights reserved. More

Toadfish and frogfish are members of two separate families and are not nearly as alike as are their respective amphibian namesakes. For starters, these two unusual animals belong to different families of fish. More

The toadfish (Porichthys notatus) which is also known as the plainfin midshipman. Credit: Margaret Marchaterre, Cornell University (PhysOrg. More

toadfishtoadfish - bottom-dwelling fish having scaleless slimy skin and a broad thick head with a wide mouthOpsanus tauBatrachoididae, family Batrachoididae - toadfishes; related to anglers and batfishesoyster fish, oyster-fish, oysterfish - a variety of toadfishacanthopterygian, spiny-finned fish - a teleost fish with fins that are supported More

Toadfish, is quite an interesting fish. This toadfish is unique in that it has only been found in one place. More

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The Toadfish is quite common but often overlooked because of its excellent camouflage. Its mottled colours allows it to blend in with its rocky surroundings. Often, it is also covered in sand and sediment. More

toadfish definition toad·fish (tōd′fis̸h′) noun pl. More

Common names

Bagre sapo in Spanish (español)
Toadfish in English
阿根角三海蟾魚 in Mandarin Chinese
阿根角三海蟾鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Batrachoidiformes
Family : Batrachoididae
Genus : Triathalassothia
Species : Triathalassothia argentina
Authority : Berg, 1897